Number Formation

Number 1 – Draw a line (My that’s fun) Now I’ve drawn a number one.

Number 2 – Half a heart says I love you, draw a line, it’s the number two.

Number 3 – Round the tree, round the tree, this is how I draw a three.

Number 4 – Down and along and down once more, now I’ve drawn a number four.

Number 5 – Draw the back, the belly and the hat, watch it come alive, it’s the number five.

Number 6 – Bend down low to pick up sticks, now I’ve drawn the number six.

Number 7 – Along the top and down from heaven, now I’ve drawn the number seven.

Number 8 – Draw a S and close the gate, now I’ve drawn the number eight.

Number 9 – Draw a circle and a line, Now I’ve drawn the number nine.